When combined, digital and print marketing strategies deliver more calls to action for your audience. Using demographic data, your business can send personalized brochures, catalogs, magazines, booklets, pamphlets, and postcards directly to the doorstep of your targeted audience.

Direct mail can include a QR code that drives recipients to your website to learn more.

Digital Printing

The digital printing process is revolutionizing the way that companies produce their marketing materials. By eliminating the need for massive, expensive printing presses that create a lot of waste, digital printing has made it possible to produce more marketing materials, faster and at a lower cost.

Using digital printing, it is now easier than ever to personalize and customize marketing material for each individual consumer. This is done by using state-of-the-art technology called variable data printing (VDP). VDP allows you to use information from your CRM to dynamically change content on a flyer, brochure or direct mail piece.

By adding a personalized touch to your marketing materials, you can increase engagement and amplify your integrated marketing efforts. Reach out to us today to learn more about how digital printing can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you need a complete marketing overhaul or just need a few new pieces to drive sales, we can help.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a marketing tactic that continues to perform well, and one that can be leveraged to enhance digital campaigns. It can be used to make a direct sale or to cross-sell your products and services. It is also an effective way to reach baby boomers, generation X, and millennials, who all still enjoy receiving physical mail.

The advantage of direct mail is that it can be personalized to appeal to specific audiences. Using data-driven personalization in your printing, including the recipient’s name, purchase history, and demographic information can increase response rates, engagement, and ROI.

This approach is especially valuable when targeting enterprise companies. You can purchase lists of business addresses and then target a specific group of decision makers to create more relevant and engaging direct mail pieces, which can generate high-quality leads while staying within your budget. When combined with online marketing, your print campaign can deliver a full customer experience that is sure to increase conversion rates.

Variable Data

Variable data printing (VDP) allows marketers to create personalized direct mail pieces, brochures and sales materials using customer data. Personalization increases response rates by triggering an emotional connection with recipients.

VDP utilizes software to replace certain elements with unique information based on a number of criteria. The element that changes can be text, graphics or images. This allows the piece to be customized for each recipient without slowing down the production process or incurring extra costs such as reprints or plates.

VDP is an essential tool for any marketing campaign that relies on customer data. This is because it can be used to target multiple types of demographics including geographic, gender and age-related. For example, a smartwatch company could send a postcard to each recipient with a different image depending on their gender such as a black or bedazzled smartwatch band. This type of personalization is subtle and believable which helps increase engagement.

Digital Marketing

Using digital marketing, such as email and social media campaigns, in tandem with traditional print advertising is an effective strategy. Digital marketing helps to reach more people, and the consistency of messaging across both mediums makes it easier for customers to recognize your brand.

Consumers are getting used to scrolling past online ads and ignoring promotional emails, but they still respond to printed marketing materials that are tailored to their needs and interests. Personalising your marketing materials increases credibility and establishes a connection with your audience.

Using state-of-the-art technology like variable data printing, your print materials can be personalised to address individual preferences and needs. This technique can be used to create customised business cards, brochures and direct mailers based on customer data such as their name or purchase history. It can also be applied to augmented reality, a popular trend that blends digital and physical marketing. By incorporating augmented reality into your print marketing, you can bring your message to life and engage with your audience.

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