Because of the devastating effected caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the world has realized that 9 to 6 job is not enough. They would need more money and for that they have to look for works which can provide them sufficient income. Online trading has been one of those works in which the global public is taking keen interest which is drawn attention of online brokers.

As there are trade brokers in exchanges similarly there are trade brokers which are online. For instance, IGI Markets is a trade broker whose business and services are offered online only. Even this review is very much about this IGI Markets because it is the right of the public to know why they should consider online trading.

Online Trading: Better Than 9-6 Job

In the beginning of 2020, IGI Markets witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of customers. The reason for this phenomenal growth was online trading of digital assets and currencies. Digital assets’ markets are currently on the run and huge investment is poured into it on daily basis. Even the trading of digital assets has huge daily volume at the platform of IGI Markets. Let us discuss now what kind of services IGI Markets is offering to its traders, especially those who are keen in digital assets trading.

How IGI Markets Lets Trading of Digital Assets?

Depending on whichever online trading platform has been chosen by the broker, the first thing a broker has to do is to choose an account. Trading platforms has one or more than one accounts to offer. But if you are a member of IGI Markets then you have the option of 5 accounts namely Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP. The best thing about these accounts are that they are not specifically dedicated accounts for any certain type of trading. Instead, each of them are used for carrying out trading in any kind of assets. For instance, any account of IGI Markets is capable of trading crypto, commodities, shares, indices, metals and forex.

Apart from these 5 accounts, IGI Markets has yet another account which is specifically designed for people who are interested in trading. However, since they do not know much about trading and IGI Markets therefore they can use this account of “Free Trading” and fetch information they need. This is one of the standout features which normally most of the traders do not offer. But it is a way of letting the people examine trading structure of IGI Markets and await for their decision. Interestingly, all of such people who had opened Free Trading account are now regular traders of IGI Markets and operates different account types.

IGI Markets’ Customer Service

IGI Markets takes full care of its registered traders from signup till they are at the trading platform. Investors are not left unattended and when any issue arises, such issues are duly taken care of through the customer service team. IGI Markets has established a separate exclusive customer service department where personnel are online 24/5.

The customer service of IGI Markets if it is not number one in the world but it is one of the best customer service you can find in the online trading business. This aspect can be further proven from the fact that past year and even in this year, IGI Markets was awarded with several awards. One such award which it was awarded recently was of Best Online Trading Platform of the year.

Final Verdict

Pandemic has brought very tough times upon the global public and in the near future, the situation does not seem to back to normal. Meanwhile, inflation is inflicting global financial system and even essential items required by people are becoming out of reach. Reliance cannot be placed upon 9-6 jobs anymore so why not start trading with IGI Markets. Certainly IGI Markets is a platform where trading is high class while the services are awarded and acclaimed.

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