In the recent years, the cryptocurrency industry has gained enormous recognition and popularity among the investors’ community. There are millions that have recently become part of the cryptocurrency trading markets.

If one thinks that the users increasing on the platform with fewer platforms to cater to them was bad then the worst is just about to come. As per many cryptocurrency analysts, the majority of the cryptocurrency trading firms are after the investors’ money than being worried about the investors’ trades and profits. However, it is very difficult to identify which exchange the user should go for.

This is the reason why I am going to share some information on one of the fastest emerging crypto-trading firms known as Neuer Capital. Once you go through the provided information, then the decision is fully up to the users.

Why Some Believe Neuer Capital Is a Scam?

As Neuer Capital tends to follow the traditional trading practices, there are many exchanges that feel threatened because of the exchange’s enormous success, and as a result call Neuer Capital scam. This is the reason why many opportunist cryptocurrency exchanges have started calling the firm by the name Neuer Capital Scam. These firms have done this only to sabotage the reputation of the firm.

Adherence towards Major Regulations

When it comes to the KYC and AML regulations, Neuer Capital ensures that it is fully compliant to all. This is the reason why Neuer Capital requires users to provide their personal identification information (PII) when signing up with the firm.

Similarly, the firm strictly monitors any transactions that may be of high-risk and may be involved in facilitating any criminal or terrorist elements.

Accounts Neuer Capital Offers its Investors

When it comes to trading accounts, Neuer Capital offers its customers with six different trading accounts where each account is based on the investors’ trading profiles. At present, Neuer Capital offers its services through basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and black trading account.

Neuer Capital’s Trading Assets and Platform

Neuer Capital is known for providing its expertise in cryptocurrency trading. At present, it enables its investors to perform trades in more than 2,000 cryptocurrency assets. However, it does recommend its investors to invest in three major crypto-assets that include Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

Deposits and Withdrawals on Neuer Capital

When it comes to making deposits, Neuer Capital has kept things very simple and easy for its customers. The platform offers its customers to make deposits via debit/credit cards or via bank wire transfers.

As far as the withdrawals are concerned, the withdrawal money is transferred to the investors’ bank account. However, the user must provide proof of address, proof of identity, and verify the credit/debit card before the money can be released.

Neuer Capital’s Educational Program and Customer Support

In order to groom and polish the trading capabilities/profiles of the investors, Neuer Capital has arranged for a very useful educational program. The program is focused on providing investors with useful cryptocurrency information, knowledge, insights, and trading signals to help them understand the crypto markets better than before.

When it comes to providing real-time customer support, Neuer Capital knows how to serve the clients. The firm has put together a team of highly professional and skilled individuals, ready to respond to your queries promptly via email or over the phone.

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