Being new to the online trading industry can prove to be very challenging in the current times. In the past, the online trading industry was formed of a few trading assets and very less number of platforms and traders. Over time, the industry has become an entire universe so it is difficult to catch up to all of the assets from a single platform. However, if you are new and want to get to know every online trading asset and aspects of the trades, then keep reading my Richardson Lewis review, and you will be thankful that you did.

A Wide Range of Trading Accounts

If you are thinking that all online trading service providers are accustomed to offering a single trading account then I’d suggest you keep reading. You will realize that it is not the case at all because this provider gives you multiple options.

You choose the one that you want to go for and then start trading. If you consider yourself a noob, go for the micro one. If you know the basics, go for the basic account, and then climb up to the advanced, premium, gold, and the platinum accounts.

Remember, you must choose the account that better suits your trading profile and market exposure.

Multiple Tools on the Trading Platform

Richardson Lewis’ trading platform is not just a typical trading platform but comes equipped with multiple trading tools and features.

You want to generate historical reports, you have it, you want to see trading alerts, market news, charts, graphs, and even price alerts, you have it. You can even do leverage trading and automated trading through the platform.

You are not required to download the platform because you can access it from any web-browser. Just remember your credentials and enjoy trading with the platform from anywhere in the entire world.

Regulatory Framework

The platform’s regulatory framework is very straightforward yet demanding. The firm is adherent with the latest regulatory policies such as AML and KYC and wants you to comply with them as well. If you are okay with doing that then you can happily become part of the family. You will be realize how much peaceful and stress-free it is to trade with the firm knowing it is regulated to its core

SSL Security Certification

The firm boasts having an SSL Security Certification and it has all the rights to do it. It means a great deal for a firm to have such certification. It ensures that no matter you are processing a personal transaction through the platform or a financial one, it is encrypted, and secured. No one exploiting the platform or the system can gain access to your personal or financial data.

Real Time Support

The real time support is top-notch and is competent with any world-class customer support department. Richardson Lewis has spent quite a fortune for the training and learning of these representatives, which has polished their trading skills tremendously.

You can call them or drop them an email whenever you want and expect a quite response as they are available 24/7.

A Long List of Trading Assets

For the firm, it is important to keep offering you with as much trading options as possible. This is where it takes things to the next level grating you access to multiple assets. If you are into stocks and indices, you can start trading with them. If you want forex or commodities, you have them as well. If you are looking forward to advancing your trading exposure, then you can go for cryptocurrencies. The choice is completely yours to make and you will have full backing from Richardson Lewis.

Ending Thoughts

You may find it very overwhelming that a service provider is offering so much even when you are beginner. You must bear in mind that the decision of gaining exposure in the online trading markets is all yours to make. You can decide to go ahead with a single trading asset and do not worry about the rest. Take one asset at a time and keep learning until you feel that you can handle all of them in one go.

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