I can tell you from experience that finding a broker that focuses on your ease isn’t that easy of a task. You will find many with bells and whistles and fancy features, but the one that emphasizes the ease of online traders is hard to find. It took me some time to finally land on the platform that I think can make online trading convenient for you. I will talk about that platform in my TigersFM review and tell you specifically about the features that I think are meant to make the lives of traders easier.

I hope you will be able to make a well-informed trading decision after ready my TigersFM review and going through all the features I talk about.

Trade Where You Are

Let’s talk about the convenience that comes in the form of portability. Isn’t portability the most important thing for modern traders? You don’t want to be instructed to sit in a room if you have to trade. You definitely want to be able to trade no matter where you are. Whether you are traveling somewhere, resting in your bedroom, or just enjoying your break from work at the office, if you want to trade, you should be able to trade. That’s what the web-based trading platform from TigersFM will give you. It offers you universal portability, which means you can use it wherever you are and whenever you want.

Which device you are holding in your hand doesn’t matter either. You can use this platform on your desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or even your favorite Android phone or iPhone. Which operating system you have on your device isn’t a big deal either. I also have to admire the fact that you will be able to learn to use this platform within minutes.

Easy to Pick Trading Accounts

When it comes to opening a trading account, TigersFM offers you convenience in multiple ways. I would like to focus on the budgetary requirements first. You might think you have to spend a lot of money to become a trader, but that’s not true when you are on this platform. You can sign up with an amount that you are most comfortable with. You have 5 accounts to pick from and if you are just starting out and don’t have the biggest budget in the world, then you can go with the Classic account and get started with as little as $250.

What you are going to like about this account is that it gives you access to all the financial markets and amazing features that help you become a great trader. Furthermore, you get to choose from 5 account types so you can always pick the one that have the features you are going to need. Do you know what’s going to make your account picking even easier? The bonus that you are getting regardless of the account. This bonus starts with 50% and goes as high as 100% of your first deposit.

Easy Banking and Transactions

Banking will be no big deal when you sign up with TigersFM. The company has allowed you to fund your account using the methods that you are most familiar with. Do you want to use your Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card? Are you someone who still relies more on bank wire transfer than any other method of transaction? Are you comfortable sending money through an ewallet? Regardless of the method you pick, you can deposit funds without paying any commissions. The longest it takes for your withdrawal requests to get approved is 5 business days.

Final Thoughts

You can see that I have not move away from my basic point that I am trying to make through this review of TigersFM. I think the platform needs improvement in some areas. However, if we are strictly speaking about convenience of traders, I have to give it to this platform compared to many others on the internet that claim to be the best and the biggest.

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