It is fortunate if an online trader has been able to get himself registered with an appropriate and, most importantly, a reliable brokerage service provider. Otherwise, it has been a toughest task for a trader to find a suitable one. Almost all of them look the same but there are several differences between them which can only be unearthed through proper review and analysis. For the purposes of this review, we are selecting Towards Source as a role model broker and will examine its services.

A Brief Overview of The Broker

The broker started off its brokerage service business especially for the people who had an appetite for online trading. Since online trading had become a commendable source of income for non-traders too, it was essential to establish a platform suitable to professional and beginners. It was this fundamental reason on the basis of which the broker emerged as a multi-trade offering brokerage service provider. So a trader must opt for the trader on whose platform multiple assets can be traded conveniently.

Why International Markets’ Access Is Necessary?

Having a wide range of tradable assets under its offerings, it was prudent for the broker to gain access to international markets. Trading in one particular market is never appreciated by global traders because a market of an asset in Japan may be down but in the US the situation might be different. It is therefore essential for a trader to consider this aspect very seriously because access to international markets would mean never running out on options. With the broker, its traders are accessing even the far flung trading markets of Japan, UK, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Russia and Europe.

How The Broker Is Different From Others?

Two of the most obvious differences between the broker and others are asset wise and access wise. However, there are so many other differences which too can be evidenced by a closer look at the broker. For instance, the broker has established choice-based trading accounts which are six in total namely Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Pro. The accounts from Basic to Gold are highly accessible as their initial deposit requirement starts from 250 till 25,000.

In addition, variety of features await traders in making good use of them for bettering the trade deals, executions and skills. While the accounts namely Platinum and Pro are custom-made to serve in accordance with the experience of veteran traders.

What others broker do is that they too provide more or less the same account types, however, one can see the initial deposit as quite exorbitant. They simply become so unreachable that not even a trader with deep pockets can afford them. This is a major difference between the broker and others as the broker’s intention is to serve while others focus on hosting high-profile clients.

Adaptability of The Platform

The next important aspect which the traders must consider while engaging a broker is to check its trading platform. A platform is checked through its content, design, interface and trading tools. They all have to be simultaneously top-notch otherwise things get easily jumbled up in trading. Looking at the broker’s platform, it can be easily ascertained that the designing and content of the website were developed by expert hands. Similarly, the interface of the platform is extraordinarily simple and it wouldn’t wrong to say it is very user-friendly.

As regards the trading tools, none of them need downloads and instead all the essential tools have been integrated and merged within the platform.

Comparing these aspects of the broker with others, would show that the others don’t pay too much attention to these aspects. Instead, they rely on tools obtained from third parties while their platforms’ designs are not good looking. It seems as if they did not design the website and the content therein from the qualified developers.

End Remarks

In the end, we would recommend you to visit Towards Source and see from your own eyes what other exceptional features are offered by it. Some of the features which couldn’t make their way into this review are the broker’s security protocols, fast executions, competitive environment and customer support. Use it if you are a concerned trader and have an appetite for trading.

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