Benefits of banana

Life is getting busy day by day. As a woman, the challenges in life are increasing. We are sure that men will agree that women are facing the most problems in modern times. Apart from handling domestic chores, they also have to do their office work well.

In such a situation, every woman should pay special attention to her health so that she does not have any disease and she will always be self-sufficient. A woman must take any fruit or vegetable that fulfills the direct nutritional value of her body. Banana is more nutritious than other fruits, as well as a good energy substitute. By the way, banana consumption is most appropriate for the health of women. The benefits of banana are many for women. Two bananas consumed daily, many nutrients in the woman’s body. Will fill the gap. Consumption of banana has many benefits to the woman’s body.

Those Benefits of banana for women are as follows

1.High Fiber Content

Bananas have a significant amount of fiber. By this, the digestive system is maintained and the problem of possession, etc. are also overcome. In addition, the high amount of fiber in the body also removes the condition of weakness.

2.Boost Energy

Women who always feel weakness, eat bananas daily. This will bring energy to their body and make them feel active.


Since bananas contain a high amount of fiber, their intake does not increase cholesterol levels significantly and the heart is in a good state, with women being much less likely to have heart disease.

4.Extremely useful during pregnancy

Women who are about to be born must consume bananas during pregnancy. It contains a lot of folic acids which helps in the formation of new cells and removes the disorders that can occur in the baby. In addition, the consumption of bananas also results in the good development of the bruise.

5.Energy Powerhouse

Bananas contain many types of vitamins and minerals; Such as magnesium, potassium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, etc. This gives the woman strength in the body and she completes her daily tasks without getting tired.


Anemia, ie blood loss in the body, is a common problem in women. Banana is a fruit that reduces blood loss in women and increases the hemoglobin in their body.

7.Controlled blood pressure

After the age of 40, the problem of blood pressure increases greatly in women. In such a situation, the blood pressure in the woman’s body is controlled by taking two bananas daily.

8.Increase brain power

Consuming bananas provides brain power and also makes memory fast. In such a situation, if a woman does a lot of brainwork then it is mandatory for her to eat bananas.

9.Benefits of banana in teeth diseases

If your teeth are weak then you can benefit from the consumption of banana. Make a paste of banana fruit. Rub it on the teeth. This makes the teeth strong.

10.Banana is the Ayurvedic medicine for dysentery

Churn 1 ripe banana in curd. Mix sugar, salt, and marigold powder as per your preference and eat. Eating it provides relief in diarrhea, dysentery, and excessive bleeding during menstruation.

11.Urinary disease (intermittent urination and pain) is an ayurvedic medicine

Eating ripe bananas cure the problem of excessive urination, digestive problems, kidney disorders, urination problems, leucorrhea, physical weakness.

12.Benefits of banana in fire

The use of banana gives great benefits when burnt by fire. Mash the banana fruit on the burn area. It benefits a lot.

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