CT Arena Review

CT Arena is a respectable provider of financial products. With many years of experience and capable leadership, the brand has been consistently gaining popularity among individual and institutionalized traders across the globe. If you are looking for a trading platform with a rich selection of financial instruments and solid customer support, CT Arena is a good choice.

Analytical tools at CT Arena

The trading terminal at CT Arena has a hefty arsenal of analytical tools and makes trading convenient. One-click orders, easy-to-use graphical tools, informative charts, and even some indicators make it easier to estimate price movements and place orders simultaneously. While not the most powerful analytical terminal in the world, it has enough for most traders.

Experienced professionals who want to utilize complex strategies involving multiple layers of signal confirmations should use external instruments. MetaTrader with a bunch of add-ons will work just fine.

CT Arena for mobile users

The mobile application showcases a variety of features allowing users to manage their portfolios, place orders, and conduct other activities within the platform. The app is an excellent alternative to the web platform for people who spend a lot of time commuting or away from a personal computer. Contemporary smart devices are powerful enough to run a terminal and have an even higher level of security than most laptops.

CT Arena: deposits and withdrawals

When selecting a good broker, take a look at how many payment options it offers. While not the most important factor, it is something that many do not consider and face challenges related to withdrawing money down the line. It is important to have a choice in all matters associated with money.

You can use many different payment methods:

  • If you want to quickly add funds to your balance and start investing right away, use debit cards (VISA/MasterCard). You won’t be able to withdraw money to cards in most cases.
  • Bank transfers are slower. Depositing may take up to 3 business days. Withdrawing takes up to 5 business days.
  • Various payment systems have different conditions and delays. Some work instantly, some may need a couple of hours and even days.

CT Arena: safety above all else

Contemporary online services must take security seriously. CT Arena implemented all necessary measures to protect the sensitive information of its users. All communications are encrypted using the latest cryptographic technology. User data is never shared with third parties.

Clients provide personal credentials such as phone numbers, personal info for verification, and other contact information.

User reviews about CT Arena

The vast majority of testimonials carry a positive spin. Negative reviews revolve around slow banking and issues with the trading platform. Yet, we never noticed any issues with delays or the performance of the terminal. Our testers spent days using the service. On the other hand, banking may feel slow due to the long periods banks take to process transactions.

CT Arena: customer care

If you need assistance, you will be able to receive help within minutes after leaving a request in the live chat. The customer support team is very responsive and has many talented employees. Technicians know the nuances of the platform and can help you sort out issues quickly. It is one of the best support teams in the industry!

Pros and Cons of CT Arena

Let’s take a look at some advantages that this cryptocurrency broker has:

  • The mobile app and the web platform are designed with UX in mind.
  • The selection of financial instruments is impressive and diverse.
  • Analytical tools are sufficient for trading using only the native terminal.
  • The customer support team is responsive and competent.

Some downsides of the platform:

  • Banking can be slow at times..

The verdict

CT Arena has been around for a while and managed to build up a good reputation. It is a reliable service with lots of good qualities. It will be a good choice for beginners starting to explore the world of investments and veterans who need sophisticated products and complex instruments to work with.

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