I was one of those lucky people who found their shelter in online trading when I became partners with one of the known names in the online trading industry namely Stonewall Capital. I now own extensive experience in multiple trading instruments and I think I can offer help to others in convincing them that they can get rid of their financial worries through online trading. How they can do that, I will be explaining in this Stonewall Capital Review.

So here is my personal perspective about this feature-rich crypto, forex, indices, stocks, commodities etc. trading platform. I will specifically be looking at the broker’s feature so that you can see a clear picture of its offerings.

Impressive Account Choices

It wasn’t just the popularity of the broker which led me to Stonewall Capital but it was also the accounts which immediately withdrew my attention. I was surprised to see that the broker was offering several account types which were specifically designed to facilitate novice, average and professional traders. Interestingly, account opening process was easy as with the very convenient initial deposit anybody can open basic account which contained basics but more than enough features for initiating trading immediately.

For me the gem of all features in the basic account was the offering pertaining to Personal Account Manager whom I could utilize for expert account management. I would recommend beginners to check out basic account because once you have utilized the basic features, you shall then be able to reach next cadre of accounts quite easily, which contain maximum features, advantages and benefits. Then you can choose any of the most advanced account of the broker and capitalize features in the best way possible.

Easy Process of Account Opening

Each account that has been established by the broker comes with several features, variety of tools and plenty of resources. A trader becomes entitled to these features, tools and resources once the account funding condition namely ‘initial deposit’ is made. I loved the fact that initial deposit was lower than what I had imagined and secondly the broker offered several means of account funding such as direct transfer via the debit/credit card, bank and crypto transfer.

The account opening offers the trader obtaining of all the features, services, incentives, resources and tools as well as access to all the leading financial markets of the world. From there onwards, trading opportunities in all the assets, in which the broker has been offering its brokerage services, shall all be made showcased in the trader’s personal dashboard. It is then up to the trader whether he wishes to participate in the trading of stocks or cryptocurrencies or forex or commodities or indices etc. and invest the amount he wishes to spend.

Stunning Platform Design

The platform of the broker is the great piece of artwork particularly because it has been designed in a manner which demonstrates ingenuity, resourcefulness, and user-friendliness. Anybody, a student or senior adult, can easily interact with the broker’s features, tools and resources and understand their purposes.

Furthermore, the broker’s web-based platform offers great interface while interacting with global financial markets which subsequently improves the overall trading environment. Speed wise, this broker’s platform is the most efficient as it is capable of providing a trader extra time cushion in which the trader can make well thought-out trading decisions. Flexibility is yet another great advantage which the broker’s web-trading platform offers to its users. It can be accessed even while the user is at home or in the office or even when the trader is traveling in and outside because the platform is in the web.

Final Thoughts

I would like to end the review with the statement that Stonewall Capital came to my aid when I had lost hope. I was in fact thinking of letting go the thought of online trading. However, I got the chance of working with a popular yet powerful platform where I could fulfill my trading ambitions without any fears. Join Stonewall Capital and get the opportunity of changing your life instantly.

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