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Publication has been an important place since ancient times. On the one hand, where in ancient times, a popular technique called photo typesetting was used for publication, today it has been replaced by digital technology. DTP is one such digital technology that is used for publishing today. Desktop publishing is designed to create documents with page layout skills. Individual layouts can be created so that a process of self-publishing printed matter can be carried out. Magazines, books, and food menus are typically materials produced through the use of DTP. These can be produced without undergoing commercial printing, which makes DTP a cost-effective alternative. Various images are also printed using the scanner through this technology, which was not possible before, proof-reading in DTP is also done through the spell checker available in this program, which also takes very little time.

It consists of three parts personal computer (PC), DTP software and laser printer for good printing.

Friends, today’s phase of digital marketing is a part of this, by publishing Desktop publishing course, a career can be made in this field easily.

If you go to learn it in an institute, then they tell you about which courses will be done in Desktop publishing course in advance. All institute has different courses and different fees.

Popular desktop publishing software

  • Adobe Page Maker
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Adobe In Design
  • Adobe Flash
  • Corel Draw
  • Quark XPress
  • Microsoft Office
  • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Publisher

DTP Type

DTP can be of two types such as –

  • Creates Virtual Pages
  • Creates Electronic Pages

Desktop publishers work as project administrators, product specialists, graphic artists, printers / typesets, editors, and public relations. They work on various books, magazines, catalogs, directories and other printed documents.

After completing the desktop publishing (DTP) course, students can do the following:

  • Photo editor
  • Web designer
  • graphic designer
  • DTP operator
  • logo designer
  • Digital Illustrator
  • pattern maker
  • Stationery Designer

Use of DTP

With the introduction of DTP, the entire form of traditional typing art has changed and a new revolution has come in the field of digital technology. Some important uses of DTP are as follows.

Graphic design

This is the most important use in the use of desktop publishing. Professional graphic designers use DTP software such as QuarkXPress, Adobe Page Maker, and Adobe Photoshop to create news pages, web pages, and other visual documentation. In today’s time, graphic design is reaching new heights due to desktop publishing.

Crafts & Personal Projects

Desktop publishing is a boon for its users. The user can create projects, postcards, greeting cards, invitation cards etc. very cheaply and easily as per his choice using the DTP tools present in personal computers and smart phones.

Importance of DTP at workplaces

Workplaces such as Page Layout and Word Processing are preferred by software employers. Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Booklets, News Letters, Business Cards, Letterhead Forms, Financial Documents, HR Documents, Invoices, Inventory Sheets, Memos, and Labels etc. All Formats are made with the help of DTP.

Career guide

The specialty of DTP as a career guide is that Word processing tools such as Microsoft Word and Open Office help create Resume, Cover Later and Portfolio etc. for job seekers.

Electronic media

The best example of using DTP is electronic media such as web designing, web typography etc. Applications like Fontographer, Inkscape, GeoPublish make the use of desktop publishing even better.

DTP Operator Kaise Bane

Desktop Publishing or Career in Desktop Publishing is the best platform to make a career in the digital world. A DTP operator or desktop publisher is one who uses the DTP software to print, upload or online upload the page layouts of newspapers, books, brochures etc.

For pursuing a career in desktop publishing or for DTP Jobs, a degree / diploma or certificate course in desktop publishing can usually be done from any recognized college. In Desktop Publishing courses, students can get electronic page layout, format text and Creating graphics is taught.

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