Unlike WhatsApp, which is available only on Android and iPhone, Telegram is cross-platform. It works on iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and even the Web.

The app was developed in 2013 by two Russian brothers, Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Its end-to-end encryption makes it a popular choice among people concerned about privacy.

It’s free

While Telegram has plenty of features to entice users, its main selling point is its security. The app offers end-to-end encryption for its secret chats, making it more secure than competitors like Signal and WhatsApp. It also allows you to choose how long media files last, which helps protect privacy. Moreover, it offers unlimited cloud storage so that you can access your messages and files across devices.

The software’s cross-platform support and multi-device and operating system support are also attractive for some guys. It also lets you create folders to sort out your conversations. This way, you can put close friends into one folder and non-contacts into a different one, for instance. It’s a great feature for those who have a lot of conversations.

Telegram also gives you the option to choose whether or not to compress media files when sending them to others. This saves space on your phone and other users’ devices. It also ensures that your recipients are receiving the highest quality possible.

Telegram’s popularity has been fueled by its privacy-first approach, but its security is not without some issues. For example, it requires that you register with a telephone number, which turns off some people who want to use the app for privacy reasons. However, there are ways around this. Online tutorials can show you how to extract user data from Telegram groups and channels with only basic programming knowledge.

It’s secure

Telegram has many features that make it a good choice for businesses. For example, it has multiple platforms for mobile and desktop, and its users can log in from any of these devices. The app also keeps non-secret chats and files in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about your device being stolen or losing important data. The app also lets you delete messages sent by other members, across all of your devices.

In addition, Telegram has a large user base that makes it easier for business owners to connect with customers. It allows users to create channels that include keywords related to their businesses, allowing potential customers to find them easily. This is a great way to increase brand awareness without using expensive SMS advertising or dealing with low e-mail open rates.

The app is owned by Telegram Messenger LLP, a UK-based company created by Pavel and Nikolai Durov, two Russian entrepreneurs known for their work on the popular social media platform VKontakte. The brothers were inspired by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about government spying. They marketed Telegram as an alternative to the Mark Zuckerberg-owned WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Unlike most messaging apps, Telegram uses usernames rather than phone numbers. This feature eliminates the need for users to share their phone numbers with each other and makes it easier to log in on different devices. It also has the ability to support up to 2 GB of file attachments, which is much larger than the competition’s limits (Skype only supports 300 MB). Telegram also shares metadata with its parent company for spam and abuse prevention, but it will not sell your data to third parties.

It’s easy to use

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It offers a variety of features including text, voice, video calls and group chats. It can be used on a desktop, mobile phone, or even a tablet. Telegram’s most important feature is its security, which allows users to communicate without sharing their phone numbers. They can also use their own usernames to search for people and chat with them. This is especially useful for businesses, as it allows employees to work from home or on the go.

Like WhatsApp, telegram supports voice and video calls. To make a call, select a contact from the menu in the top left and click or tap three vertical dots. Then, click or tap on “Call” or “Video Call.” You can also choose to allow telegram to store files on your device, which is useful if you want to share large files.

The app also has other nifty tools, such as scheduled and silent messages. These allow you to send messages at a future time, or when your recipient is next online. It also offers a feature called Instant View, which lets you view links to articles from around the web in a fast and consistent way.

Telegram is available on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. You can use it on any number of devices, and your messages and files will be synced across all of them.

It’s fun

When it comes to instant messaging, nobody does stickers better than Telegram. It offers more than 20,000 animated stickers to match your mood and personality. In addition, it allows you to create emoji and stickers of your own. It also syncs chats in real time across multiple devices. This is why it is the choice of many companies.

Many people use Telegram to stay in touch with their friends and family. It is easy to use and is free, making it an ideal alternative to WhatsApp or other messaging services. Unlike some other instant messengers, Telegram doesn’t share your data with big tech companies, so you can trust it with your private conversations.

In addition to being a fun tool for instant messaging, Telegram is also a powerful platform for mobilising large groups of users. It can host hundreds of thousands of accounts, has unlimited file storage, and provides semi-anonymity to its users. It is no wonder that it has been used by activists during protests in Hong Kong and Belarus.

Moreover, Telegram can send files of any size, including uncompressed images and videos. It also supports group chats and channels, which are similar to Twitter feeds, but more versatile. You can customize them by adding reaction emojis, comments sections, and URL buttons. Additionally, you can add bots to automate tasks and perform specific functions.

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