If you are wondering how does Justdial work, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more about the company’s business model, products, competitors, and future. Justdial is a popular online business directory. The company started with a small focus on local businesses, using a word-of-mouth business model. Soon after it launched, the service became popular with the general public. As the popularity of the service grew, Justdial began to generate revenue from sponsored listings. Although the company charged a relatively low price for these listings, it quickly captured the market and ended up with additional revenue each month. This extra money was used to hire sales personnel.

Its products

Earlier, Mani was considering starting a wedding planning company. He invested 50,000 rupees in the idea and received 2-3 lakhs of profit. But he was not satisfied with this model and wanted to venture into a new domain. The answer was to create a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. The startup also received investment from Sequoia Capital.

Just dial had already launched Search Plus and JD Omni, which were targeted at SMEs. They were supposed to help these businesses with inventory management, billing, and other business functions. However, these ventures didn’t go as planned, and the company returned to its core business: B2B services.

Just Dial has also launched JD Omni, a one-stop shop for SME needs, including web development, bill payment, order management, and more. A separate product, Search Plus, was supposed to serve as a meta-search engine with marketplace features. The company, however, has had a difficult time scaling up its business in smaller towns. Smaller towns have more established human networks, and local businesses aren’t likely to spend upwards of Rs 15,000 on advertising.

The success of Justdial is largely due to its business model. Although it has negative working capital, it reports growing revenue each month. This allows it to operate on a small budget and generate a consistent revenue stream. The founders of Justdial also acquired a catchy phone number and paired it with a memorable name to create a brand that customers will recognize and trust.

Reliance has been interested in acquiring businesses in the business-to-business space for a number of years. The deal with Just Dial will give the company a competitive edge and open new growth avenues. Justdial and Reliance see this as an opportunity to help businesses reduce their financial burdens.

While the company has many products and services, its main focus is local search. The company maintains a database of businesses and provides access to information via cellphones and PCs. It also offers Justdial Social, a social media service that collects material from popular social media sites. In addition to its mobile services, Justdial has also launched Search Plus, an integrated sales and marketing tool that allows SMBs and SMEs to manage marketing campaigns and manage calls.

Its competitors

The company serves a large number of people through its variety of online services. They are available for PCs, smartphones, and social media sites. For instance, they provide Justdial Social, a service which collects material from popular social media websites. The social media service was launched to cater to the demands of users of these platforms. Justdial has also developed the Search Plus Service, which enables its customers to carry out web-based transactions.

This acquisition of Just Dial by Reliance Retail Ventures Limited gives Reliance access to a large user base and a large business network. The acquisition is particularly valuable given the fact that it gives Reliance access to 30 million businesses and 129 million unique users per quarter. The company has long been interested in entering the business-to-business segment, and this acquisition gives it a good chance to grow within the space. The company also has a robust sales force, having employed more than 9,000 people during its pre-pandemic period. Reliance can use Just Dial’s sales force to meet its strategic goals.

Justdial is a thriving, well-known company that offers a wide range of services to local SMEs. The company has offices in 11 cities in India, employs over 10,000 people, and has 21 Million business listings. Justdial’s newest offering, JD Omni, is a cloud-based solution that provides access to crucial aspects of running a business, including minute-by-minute sales, inventory management, billing, customer retention, and promotions.

Just Dial has also tried to expand its B2B business by running its own B2B portal called JDMart. This B2B portal is designed to connect businesses looking to buy goods with buyers. However, it faces stiff competition from established online businesses, including Reliance Retail, which tried to launch a similar B2B marketplace in 2015.

Justdial has a unique advantage over its competitors in the local search market. It has consistently delivered high-quality services and has built a strong reputation through word-of-mouth. In addition, it was able to make use of digital media to promote its services.

Its future

Justdial’s stock price has not been particularly positive in the past few months, and it is not clear whether this trend will continue. The company has not yet fully recovered from the impact of the pandemic, and it is largely reliant on its SMEs to make money. The company’s business is mainly driven by its robustness in the MSME segment, and its synergies with Reliance should help boost its prospects. However, geopolitical and global macro uncertainties could keep the stock price volatile for a while.

Justdial Ltd has been facing a number of challenges, including competition from Google’s local search results and the rise of industry-specific vertical players. As a result, it needs to spend a large amount of money on advertising and sales promotions. This means that it runs the risk of becoming outdated in the minds of users, which will negatively impact its profitability.

Investors may want to keep an eye on the company’s next generation of promoters. Though the company’s annual report does not mention the names of these individuals, there is no reason to think that the next generation won’t play a bigger role in the future of the company. This could potentially cause investors to ask the company for clarifications on the succession plan. The company has also partnered with Amitabh Bachchan, an actor who has a very high profile in the media and can boost its brand name.

Lastly, investors should focus on Just Dial’s revenue growth. The company has been announcing higher-than-expected revenues each year. FY19 revenue was Rs 984 crore, while FY20 revenue increased to Rs 1092 crore. In addition, the company made a profit of Rs 272 crore, 25% more than the previous year.

To remain relevant, Justdial Ltd needs to change its model. In addition to cutting down on its operating costs, it must focus more on advertising and improving its overall market share. Its current business model, of facilitating transactions and capturing a percentage of the transaction value, isn’t enough for a company to be successful.

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