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The furor of Corona virus (Kovid-19) has become a threat to the whole world. But in spite of tall data, this disease can be fought and can be avoided. You have only two weapons to fight this disease. Information and defense. There are various types of rumors about the Corona virus on social media. There is also a rumor among them that corona virus is detected by a thermal scanner? This thermal scanner is a device through which a person suffering from coronavirus or any other similar disease can be identified. This scanner makes a clear distinction between a healthy person and a person with a virus.

A thermal scanner is a device that produces a thermal image by recording body temperature. If the temperature of a person’s body is more than normal, then it also tells through the sound of a vape. This lets the authorities know that this person is infected with the corona virus or any other similar disease. The most important thing about thermal scanners is that the waves emanating from it do not have any side effects on the human body.

What would a thermal scanner

A thermal scanner works through infrared thermography. Infrared thermography provides a digital image that shows the temperature pattern. This system can measure temperatures from 40 ° C to 500° C.

Along with changing the temperature of a person’s body, the color of the thermal image also changes. In addition to the pattern of colors in some devices, the body temperature is also written. Not only this, when a person’s body temperature is higher than normal, this schechner also signals through the beep.

How Thermal Scanner Works

Thermal scanners are mainly installed in crowded places like airports. When a person passes in front of this scanner, the virus present in the person’s body appears in the infrared photographs. The temperature of the body of people whose body reaches a high or dangerous level of viruses increases. Such people are separated from the crowd and they are investigated.

What diseases detect a thermal scanner?

It is believed that infrared cameras could possibly be used to detect subjects such as fever, SARS symptoms, and avian influenza. It is worth noting here that the thermal imager measures the temperature of the skin and not the temperature inside the body. However, the accuracy of infrared systems; Quality of humans, environment, and equipment can also be affected.

It is thus clear that identifying people affected by Kovid 19 with the help of thermal scanners is a cheap, fast, and reliable step.

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has also tried to remove people’s apprehensions and increase awareness of thermal screening. Talking about thermal scanning, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said, “In this process, people coming from abroad have to pass through a scanner at the airport. During this time, if the temperature of a person undergoing a thermal scanner is found to be higher than the temperature of a normal person, then such a suspect is medically examined ‘.

He said that the thermal scanner immediately gives information about it when the body temperature is high. The thermal scanner acts like an infrared camera. Viruses present in the body of a person passing through this scanner are visible in infrared photographs, when the number of viruses is high or at a dangerous level, the body temperature of the person also increases.

The Health Ministry has installed modern thermal camera scanners of this type at 20 airports across the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Jaipur, Ahmadabad. So far, around 38,000 people have been successfully screened through thermal scanners installed at various airports across the country.

The Health Ministry says that at some other places, corona virus suspects will now be investigated through thermal scanning. For this, new thermal scanners will soon be imported from abroad.

Understand wrong readings like this

  • If the outside temperature is 40 or more, then the survey team member uses the screener. So the scanner’s sensor also accepts the outside temperature. When the sensor accepts outside temperature instead of the actual temperature of the person, the sensor starts reading 100 or more.
  • Travel agent Corona positive traveling to hospitals and clinics, 12 members in the family
  • If the reading of a person is taken even at the door of a building and the person taking the reading himself should stand in the sun. Even then there is a big difference in temperature.
  • Most survey teams record the temperature of people only by staying in the sun for hours and creating a distance. But the person may be in a shady place inside the room and the thermal screener does not reveal the correct temperature when the reading is outside.

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