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Teachers are an important part of the teaching process. The process of education cannot run successfully without the teacher. The teacher not only gets rid of his responsibility by providing education to the students, but his answer is the responsibility, so much more important that every person is not able to complete them. Teachers have an important role in building our society. Because this society is made up of only those children whose primary education is handled by an ideal teacher. It is the teacher who makes him a good citizen in the society and also gives him the best internal development. Along with giving education, he inspires her to become a professional person and a good citizen. It is said from this point of view that the teacher is the creator of the nation. Therefore, in order to successfully and properly conduct a teacher, it is necessary to have tips on being a good teacher. The ideal teacher is the parent who laid the foundation of the new society and the great person to follow the traditions. If a teacher is not able to change the society according to his / her ability. Then he means that he is not a perfect teacher.

Generally following are the tips of being a good teacher

1.Educational Qualification

It is mandatory for a teacher to have a minimum educational qualification according to the standard for studies. Also it is necessary to have a teacher trained. In many schools, untrained teachers or teachers are kept, which is not appropriate. Therefore, while choosing the teacher, it should be kept in mind that it has minimum qualification and is trained.

2.Complete knowledge of the subject

It is very important to have this quality in a skilled teacher. If the teacher does not have full knowledge of the subject, then he will not be able to solve the problems related to the subject of the students, so that the student will not respect him nor will he be satisfied.

3.Show passion while teaching

Teachers often begin their work with extreme passion for their work. This realization soon disappears as learning becomes part of a routine. He finds it less interesting for the speaker to repeat the same things and cover the same topic over and over again. This is something that affects all teachers, even when they cover a wide variety of academic subjects.

Unfortunately, losing that passion can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your teaching. Students often have to learn a number of different subjects in a short time span, quickly becoming indifferent to any one subject.

If both students and teachers feel indifferent to the subject, it is likely that there will be no meaningful learning.

Try to find something interesting about your subject that will state that passion for you. It is as easy as learning new tidbits to present in class. Find something that curtails their interest and try their best to present it as the most interesting fact in existence.

Just putting a little effort into your presentation is enough to encourage better learning. More attentive students will also inspire you to put more effort into your teaching. This is a positive cycle that can show spectacular results.

4.Use of accessories

At the present time, with the view of eliminating the complexity of the subject matter, the means of teaching technology is being used in teaching. A good teacher is the one who takes into consideration the level of students, their ability and ability and the nature of the subject matter. Use appropriate teaching aids to make it simple and interesting.

5.Knowledge of psychology

There are different types of children in a class, they have different problems, in order to be able to learn well, their problems have to be resolved. A teacher can solve the problems of children in the same situation when they ask them To be familiar and to know about the problems, the teacher must have knowledge of psychology.

Only when the attention of psychology is there, the teacher can understand the interest, ability, intelligence etc. of the child and based on that, he can successfully do his teaching and instruction.

6.Ardor to learn

A good teacher is the one who always has the urge to learn. In other words, we can say that ‘a good teacher is the one who always remains a student’, this increases the teacher’s own knowledge as well as that of his students Can also give benefits.

7.Interest in text-related verbs

It is essential for a good teacher to be interested in organizing and successfully carrying out various syllabic activities in the school and at the same time he should try to develop interest in his students.


An important quality of a good teacher is his punctuality. He should attend school on time, attend the prayer meeting and go to class as soon as the blackout starts, and if the teacher who is not in the class is punctual before the end of time. Students also cannot be punctual.

9.Skilled speaker 

A teacher should use words of interest, good standard and definite meaning in order to make his point known to the students. At the same time, he should not hesitate to speak fluently. He should also not speak at a high speed. In other words, he should put his point in such a way that he has an impact on the students and they should be interested in listening to him.

10.Love and sympathy towards students

It is not enough for a teacher to be interested only in the teacher. He should also be interested in his students. He should also treat students with love, sympathy. The questions asked by the students should be answered satisfactorily. Their problems should be addressed sympathetically. This will also honor the teachers.

11.High Quality

A teacher must be characteristically strong because the character of the teacher has an impact on his students soon. Therefore, the teacher should present himself well to his students. Never do any wrong or immoral act in front of them.


A good teacher must have the quality of patience. Students should not be troubled when they ask questions. Do not be annoyed in talking. Rather, they should satisfy them by answering their questions thoughtfully with patience.


If a teacher keeps his face red with anger, the students are unhappy with that teacher. Asking questions to him, he does not like to talk, so the teacher needs to love humor in order to develop a loving relationship with the students and generate interest and interest in classroom teaching.


An influential teacher is the enthusiast who does whatever task is given to him, he does it with full enthusiasm, it also generates interest in the students and he also supports the teacher with full enthusiasm, which increases the chances of achieving complete success in the work. She goes.


The teacher who does not have a sense of self-respect. He is not eligible to be called a teacher. A good and effective teacher is one who does not bow down to the students, the head teacher and others for the same wrong. Does not tolerate any kind of injustice, does not explain what is wrong. A teacher who is conscious of his duties and rights is able to protect his self-esteem.

The conclusion

Teaching is a profession that requires a tremendous amount of patience and dedication. However, it is one of the most rewarding occupations out there. You are one of the most essential systems of society. You can become a good teacher by adopting the tips of being a good teacher. Education is important, and society needs good teachers.

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