If you are new to crypto trading, you might not pay attention to a lot of things that really matter in your trading experience. Perhaps, you are too focused on making profits to notice other problems that could prove to be troublesome along the way. One of those challenges is to trade safely and with a proper sense of security. Can you do that with your current service provider? Are the new companies worth their salt in terms of security? Read this Venus Holdings review and you will find out about one that really does pay attention to this really important trader concern.

Compliance with Policies and Standards

Before you look into anything, it is important that you confirm about the compliance status of the company. Compliance is the most important thing for any company that provides online trading or any financial services. If you look at the website of Venus Holdings, you will find out that it has MBS status in FinCEN. Furthermore, the company is properly registered. These particular signs should be enough for you to know that you are signing up with a legitimate online trading services provider. A scammer would never go through the pain of registering because they will be caught in the process.

In addition to that, you will also be happy to know that the company complies with other data protection policies to save your interests. For example, the company’s adherence to KYC and AML policies ensures that only legitimate entities are able to sign up on the platform. Furthermore, since proper identification information is obtained from you when you sign up, no one else can sign up in your name. Also, you can trade with peace of mind that the company does not share your personal details with any parties without obtaining your consent.

Encryption and Account Monitoring

Encryption is not an option but a compulsory feature that online trading services providers must have in place for their traders. Encryption means that the company converts your information into codes that are not accessible by any unauthorized parties. When you sign up with Venus Holdings, you provide your personal details on the website for creating your account. When it comes to depositing funds, you give out your banking details. Do you think those details are not sensitive? Of course, the company cares about you and thus it encrypts your data as soon as it leaves your computer.

The best thing is that the company has a monitoring method in place to know that your account is only being used by you. If someone else is using your account for their benefit, the company will instantly know and notify you about it. In the mean time, it might even block your account to protect any damage from taking place. Not all online companies have such great security features in place when you sign up with them.

Physical Address and Support Details

Do you know the biggest sign when a company is not a company but a scammer trying to defraud you? Well, the biggest sign is that they don’t have any specific details about them on the website. They don’t have a phone number. They don’t even have a professional email address. They usually work with free email services like Gmail or Outlook. The last thing they want to do is to provide you with their location details. With Venus Holdings, you can be happy that the company has its phone number and email right on the website. Also, Venus Holdings also has its physical address on the website so you know where they are located.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of things that you have to consider when you sign up with a company other than just profits and losses. Security has to be your first concern when trading online because it is a financial service and you are going to take the risk with your money. I think Venus Holdings has some great points to prove that it cares about you and you can know more by visiting their website.

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