Signing up with any online broker is a crucial decision because during this journey, you will entrust them with your hard-earned money, and also share a great deal of personal and financial data. Would you hand any of this out to just anyone? With the internet full of cybercriminals, you definitely do not want to take the risk, which means you need to do your homework. A complete assessment of a broker is a must before you decide to trust them and reading through this TCN Markets review is how you do it.

It will not take you long to come across TCN Markets when you begin your search for a broker because they are climbing up the ladder very quickly. It has become a popular online broker in a short span of time and has almost 12,000 clients in over 52 countries. The statistics are impressive, but how does the platform really fare? Read on to find out:

The markets you can access

The best place to begin your assessment of a broker is with the markets they allow you to access. It is understood that you want to make the most of the opportunities in online trading, but you also have to take your risk tolerance into account. This is where you will find the options at TCN Markets very appealing because it becomes apparent that they have given their clients the chance to trade in different financial markets.

Gone are the days when you had to manage multiple accounts to trade different instruments because there are more than 1,000 choices that TCN Markets has put together. You can choose instruments from the forex, commodities, stock and indices market and this ensures that there is something to trade as per your risk tolerance.

The software you have to use

Your assessment of any brokerage cannot be complete without looking at the software they provide to you for actually executing your trades. A desktop platform is available at TCN Markets that uses top-notch technology for one-click trading and superior execution. The interface is friendly and simple, so there does not have to be worry about a learning curve. The trading tools on the platform include an economic calendar, live charts, different reports, risk management tools, trading signals as well as price alerts.

Along with this platform, you will find that a mobile platform is also given for Android and iOS devices on TCN Markets and this is provides every trader with the flexibility of trading from wherever they want. The mobile platform is also easy to navigate and enriched with good technology and features for a smooth trading experience.

The protection you are provided

Another key feature that requires your assessment is the protection they offer to your sensitive data and your hard-earned money. You will discover that TCN Markets does not make compromises in any of these areas. Data protection is ensured through the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which means no outsiders can view it. The money you deposit with them is kept in separate accounts and only used for trading activities.

Another protection can be found in the form of compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies. This means that traders need to provide proof of their identity and proof of address to verify their accounts, keeping criminals at bay.

The assistance they provide

You should not forget to check the assistance a broker can offer because it affects your experience and a look at TCN Markets indicates that they are always available to assist. Their agents can be contacted 24/6 by sending an email, or calling them up. You can also use the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on their website to get the answers you need.

The Verdict

A complete assessment of the offerings at TCN Markets can help you see that it is quite capable of offering you a seamless trading experience.

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