It is quite regretful when you sign up with a trading platform after spending your money only to find out you can’t trade freely and without worry. To make things worse, you realize that there are no leverages available for you and the spreads are so big that you will lose most of the profits you make in covering those spreads. What if I told you in this Weltex review that this platform has changed everything for good for all traders?

Convenience isn’t the first thing you hear about when you sign up with any online company for trading. However, this one will deliver something that I am sure you will have a hard time finding with others. Its trading platform is designed with first time traders in mind and the trading tools are there to make things easy for you in terms of profitability. Let’s see how.

The Trading Tools You Wanted

The trading tools you always wanted are now available to you without paying anything extra for them. In the past, there were companies that asked you for money when you signed up with them, and then asked you for more money for using their trading tools. You can say goodbye to that practice when you sign up with Weltex. This company is all about giving you the convenience that you are after as a trader. So, you can sign up with the company and as soon as you land on the platform, you will have many trading tools.

These trading tools include daily markets reviews, which are there to give you an insight into the market every day. You will also be able to use the economic calendar to know about all the upcoming events that can affect your trading. You can also receive daily news, which should help you know the trader sentiment in various financial markets, giving you some direction as to how and when to trade.

One Platform for All Assets

Just a few years ago, or should I say a decade ago, you had to sign up with a different broker for each type of trading. If you were interested in forex trading, you had to sign up with a forex broker. If you were interested in options trading, you had to sign up with an options trading services provider. Things have changed today since the coming of platforms like this one that has compelled me to write this Weltex review. So, with this platform, you have one platform that you can use on your iOS and Android devices.

Secondly, you will be glad to know that this platform can be used on all the major operating systems on your tablets and desktops as well. You can trade from home or when you are traveling. All the indices, commodities, stocks, and forex currency pairs that you are interested in trading are available to you on this same platform.

Easy Account Opening Process

Firstly, the process of opening a trading account is very easy. You just have to pick from six different account types, make the initial deposit, and you are ready to trade with the broker. The good news is that you get access to the trading academy as soon as you sign up with any trading account. In addition to account opening being an easy process, you will also like the fact that a credit or debit card can be used to fund your account. If you are not sure about that method, you can use your bank wire transfer for funding your account.

Final Thoughts

Now, after reading all of that I have just told you, can you decide why you would or would not want to sign up with this company? You have to write those reasons side by side to know which argument is more convincing to you. To further help you with the decision, I would recommend that you visit the Weltex website.

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