A dream job for many, accountancy is the foundation stone for being a chartered accountant. Not only does it offer an amplified academic opportunity, but helps aspirants to take on the accountancy field like no other. Talking about accountancy, we cannot miss out on the governing body ruling the examination.

The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) Institute was formed in 1904. It is the oldest global accounting body that offers ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’ to aspirants.

With approximately 200,000 members and 460,000 students in 180 countries, out of which 15000 students are in India, the ACCA is one of the most reputed and preferred institutes for studying accounting career-orientation program.

A quick guide to attaining ACCA course:

Here are some details on the ACCA Course as follows:

  • Global recognition

Offering wide scale recognition, the course is largely touted among all. It is acknowledged by institutes and accepted by firms on a global scale. The certification has more than 78 markets along with 80 international accounting body partnerships.

  • Updates industry-relevant content for education

The ACCA course content is updated with the industry standards to keep the content relevant for the students. This offers students an added competitive edge in staying atop. By helping them gain valuable insights in their field, the course ensure to make them job-ready.

  • Coeducation

The ACCA Syllabus is designed for students to study while pursuing their college degree, namely graduation. This coeducation design structure ensures for students to not waste any time making their career stable and secure. Along with ACCA member status, the students can earn a Diploma/Advance diploma in business and accounting.

  • Additional certification

Pursuing graduation or a Master’s degree in accounting and finance is usually insufficient for students to attain a remarkable employment. By gaining the ACCA member status, students can earn a B.Sc Honors degree in applied accounting, as awarded by Oxford Brookes University.

Another option for ACCA-pursuing students is to earn an M.Sc degree in professional accountancy, which is awarded by the University of London.

  • Flexible examination scheme

The examination scheme being flexible gives students opportunities to upscale themselves in the field of education and choose exam dates. This helps prevent any clash with their college examination schedule.

  • Well-structured curricula

The curriculum is designed for students to keep in touch with the industry standards. It incorporates changes and trends in the industry. Effectively designed to test the students’ proficiency over fourteen rigorous exams, it increases the students’ qualification on their bio-data and inculcates a lot of practical knowledge for the students.

  • Comprehensive exposure

Another great feature of the ACCA course is that it is designed for a long term career. The syllabus also is also crafted to help students perform roles at the senior management levels.


Accounting is a dream career for many accounting and finance students. The ACCA course can add a lot of value to the students’ degree and increase their likelihood of getting a stable career. It is time to gear up for the right exposure before going onboard a job with the course preparation.

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