Play School Tips

Children are the biggest asset of parents. Any parent will want all the best things for their child whether it is soft toy, dress or the best school for education. Play school is the first stage of learning for any child and it is more important in building the foundation of children. It teaches children up to pre-nursery, nursery, KG-One and KG-2. Children are small, so handling them is a special challenge. Children continue to learn as they are taught. The purpose of play school (nursery school) is to give children a good environment.

In India, there are a large number of play schools and hence it becomes very difficult to select the best for your child. As a responsible parent by following some play school tips, it is always advisable to make the right decision and make no compromises when choosing the right place for your child to begin their child’s educational journey.

Here are the play school tips that will help you choose the best play school for your child in India

1.     Research on the rules of schools:

An in-depth research on school rules and regulations will help you get a better understanding of the system that exists in the school. Try to talk to some parents whose children study in school, visit the school and interact with them. Observe the gestures of the support staff.

2.     How is the environment?

It is equally important to see and know the school environment because it is a place where your child will stay for at least six to eight hours. You need to see that there is proper care of the children and your child likes it. You need to see that there is a cordial environment so that the child can participate in the learning process better.

3.     Security

The correct age of play schools in India is around 1.5 years to 3.5 years which is a very tender age. At this age they have no thought to think about or defend themselves from potential danger. Therefore, when they are away from home, it is the duty of the school to ensure that everything is fine. Find out what are the safety provisions in the school like medical aid, ambulance, security system, fire fighting measures etc.

4.     Cleanliness

Children have a weak immune system and they are very affected by diseases, so it is very important for them to take care of hygiene. Therefore you need to make sure that you accept your child in a school that makes cleanliness a top priority.

5.     Play school based on syllabus and new technologies

The reason for sending your child to a play school is that you want them to have fun and at the same time learn the basic things that will lay the foundation for their future education.

Play schools like SAI Angan provide more practical learning techniques such as when the child learns about lemons, the child actually has the opportunity to visually test, touch, smell and taste lemons instead of just reading and listening to the teacher. . Such technology makes learning more fun and interesting for students.

6.     Modern teaching tools are child friendly

Some of the top play schools in India have kid-friendly classrooms with cartoon characters, bright decors, colorful desks and chairs as well as modern learning tools such as posters, speakers. It helps in an easy and interesting way of learning.

7.     School Time

Children cannot stay away from their parents for long and parents’ convenience should also be considered. Therefore, when choosing the top play school for your child, check the school time, and select the ones that best suit your needs or the school that can accommodate your needs.

8.     Other facilities:

Consider facilities like art lab, dance lab, music lab, swimming pool, toys, some of the qualities that a good play school should have.

We know that it can be very scary to leave your precious baby for the first time. But once you know that you have selected the best play school for your child, be relaxed. Let the child learn outside the house with fun.

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