Kanak tries traditional recipes passed on by her mother and grandmother and then mixes them with new flavours and cooking techniques. Her YouTube channel is a must-watch for those who want to learn Indian cuisine.

She is one of the most popular food vloggers on YouTube India. Her videos are short and sweet which makes them easy to follow.

1. Innaiku Enna Samayal

Sunitha started her YouTube channel in 2017 and she uploads cooking related videos. She is very popular among girls and has 485k subscribers. Her videos are very helpful for homemakers to learn recipes easily. She also shares useful tips for healthy eating habits.

Her channel is a must-subscribe for all those who love to cook at home. Her recipes are very easy to follow and she has an amazing way of presenting food. Her videos will teach you how to make various snacks, drinks, desserts, and main courses.

She also conducts many food challenges on her channel which are quite entertaining to watch. Her recent video on an 8 kg goat eating challenge has received a huge number of views.

Mukta Sultana is one of the top food vloggers in India who enjoys experimenting with traditional dishes and modern flavours. Her recipes are not only delicious but also very healthy. She tries to use as much organic produce as possible in her dishes. She is an expert when it comes to making Bengali dishes and her channel will be a treat for anyone who loves Indian cuisine.

2. Golgappa Girl Pooja

If you’re looking to expand your food radius, this channel is a must. This Delhi-based YouTuber vlogs exotic travel destinations and luxurious eateries, and provides exact recipes in a step-by-step style. Her videos also include tips on cooking and presenting your food.

She’s one of the top food travel vloggers in India who can make your mouth water with her delicious videos. In addition to showing how to cook Bengali delicacies, she also gives out some healthy recipe ideas. Her presentation skills are impeccable and she makes even the most complicated dishes look easy to prepare.

A mother-daughter team, this duo aims to explore the best street food in India. They’ve eaten their way through old Delhi, Varanasi, and Kashmir to find the most delicious non-veg treats. They also pay homage to religious institutions and experience cuisine that reflects their culture and traditions.

3. Foodie Nation

This channel is run by Kamiya Jani, a food and travel vlogger who quit her media job to follow her dreams of travelling the world and trying different cuisines. She is especially fond of Indian street foods and loves exploring local flavors as well. She even dines with celebrities and shares the experience on her YouTube channel.

She is known for her scrumptious cooking recipes that she shares with her audience. She has videos on a variety of dishes, including ice cream recipes, sweet treats and scrumptious main course meals. Her videos are great for anyone who wants to learn how to cook delicious gourmet meals in the comfort of their home.

This channel is a vegetarian food lover’s paradise. The duo tries out vegetarian versions of famous Delhi street food joints and other local delicacies. They also visit various cities in India to find scrumptious vegetarian fare. They are a great source of inspiration for vegetarian foodies and are also quite funny to watch.

4. Pooja Kumari

Priyanka Chandola, aka Desi Girl Traveller is one of the best food vloggers on youtube india. Her videos are simple, yet able to attract tons of viewers. Her channel is a true delight for those who love to explore Delhi’s streets in search of fun and exciting food joints. She also organizes food challenges that make for some great entertainment.

She is a multi-talented personality, who has worked for various television shows and competitions. Her most famous roles include the TV show Jaago Aur Jeeto on Zee TV and Bollywood Hero on Channel V. She can also cook well and create amazing dishes using traditional recipes passed down by her mother and grandmother.

Kuljyoti aims to provide information about affordable travel destinations and exotic restaurants in Northern India. She has also been known to host celebrity dine-ins. Her videos are shot more like small movies rather than Travel Vlogs, but she’s able to give her viewers an immersive view of her different experiences. She also provides detailed reviews about restaurants and their foods. She even shares a few tips for travelers in her videos.

5. Nisha Garhwal

Nisha Garhwal is an inspiring girl who is able to dine and chat with celebrities on her channel. She has left her media job to pursue her dreams of travelling the world and savouring the best culinary delights from across the globe.

Her YouTube channel is dedicated to all things food. She is known for her cooking videos that feature perfect culinary techniques and mouth-watering recipes that are healthy and easy to follow. She also has some fun cooking challenges that she conducts on her channel to boost engagement with her viewers.

Shenaz Treasury, or Shehanaz for short, is an ardent traveller who explores various destinations from Kashmir to Pondicherry on her YouTube and Instagram channels. Her vlogs are informative and entertaining, and her colourful presentations make them a visual treat.

Prakriti, aka Kuljyoti, is an adventure lover who loves trying out new restaurants and street foods in different cities. Her vlogs are filmed more like small movies than traditional travel vlogs, and her soulful storytelling style makes them enjoyable to watch. She is also an inspiration for female travellers in a male-dominated world of the internet.

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