Top travel bloggers in india on youtube are influencers who create travel and real-life vlogs. They inspire people to explore the world and overcome challenges.

Prakriti Varshney is a female travel enthusiast who started her YouTube journey in 2015. Her videos showcase alluring vistas of Spiti valley, hidden north-eastern states, and Kashmir.

1. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow is a popular Travel vlogger who has a massive fan following. She is an inspiration to everyone who wishes to convert their passion into a profession. She started her YouTube channel after quitting her job and now makes a full-time income through her travel vlogs. She also manages many celebrity’s social media handles.

Tani has been traveling since her college days and she always wanted to make this a career option. After she graduated she started working as a Business Analyst in a corporate firm. She worked there for more than 1.5 years.

She decided to quit her 9.00 to 5.00 job and pursue her dream of becoming a full-time travel vlogger. She now has more than 545k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Tanya is an inspiring person who always encourages people to follow their dreams and never stop exploring the world.

2. Prakriti Varshney

Prakriti Varshney is a female traveller who has been able to break the stereotypes surrounding women travelling solo. She began her YouTube journey in 2015 and has vlogged about her many experiences and lessons along the way. Her videos may not have fancy edits or epic drone shots, but they conduct storytelling in its purest form.

Priyanka Chandola, better known as ‘Desi Girl Traveller’, is another underrated female Indian travel vlogger. She has travelled to different parts of India and has collaborated with several popular brands. Her vlogs are budget-friendly and focus on exploring different cultures and cuisines.

Sudesh Kumar, who goes by the name ‘Distance Between’, is a former graphic designer and filmmaker. He quit his job to become a full-time travel vlogger and has covered various destinations in India. He has also traveled to many countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. He is a very popular Indian travel blogger and his channel has more than 1 lakh subscribers.

3. Mohit Manocha

Mohit Manocha, better known by his YouTube name Travelling Desi, has been inspiring travel enthusiasts through his vlogs for the past two years. He has an insatiable wanderlust and a natural ability to connect with his audience. His videos are filled with captivating scenery and a wide array of experiences that will make you want to pack your bags and start exploring the world.

He also teaches viewers how to plan international trips on a budget and provides them with useful information regarding visas, accommodation, and more. He is one of the most popular travel bloggers in India.

Mohit is an engineer by profession, but he decided to leave his job to follow his dreams and become a full-time travel blogger. In the beginning, he had to face a lot of hardships, but with hard work and determination, he was able to achieve his goals.

4. Ankit Bhatia

Ankit Bhatia is a Digital Creator, Vlogger, Traveler and TikTok Star with a Million followers on Instagram and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube channel. His Videos are highly creative and informative with high engagement rates. He specializes in Dance, BTS, Adventure, and Travel Vlog Videos.

He is a passionate traveler and loves exploring different cultures around the world. He also has a passion for filmmaking and photography. He has a good sense of humor and has a good command on the camera.

He started his YouTube channel visa2explore in 2017. He shares his travel vlogs and experience with his viewers on the channel. He has a huge fan following in the country and abroad as well. His videos are very informative for those who wants to visit the places that he has visited.

5. Rohith Ashok

Rohith Ashok is a travel blogger in India, who has become popular through his crazy trip videos. His YouTube channel has gained many followers, subscribers, and fans in a short span of time. He also aims to inspire people by sharing how they can travel and work at the same time.

His videos are packed with adventure and culture of a particular location, and his unique approach towards the topic makes him stand out among others. He has a peculiar way of filming and editing, which captures the emotions buried deep within a destination.

He is a doctor by profession and a traveler by passion. He has a channel called “Mithilesh Backpacker” where he shares his travel experiences with his viewers. He focuses on budget planning while travelling and also covers the best destinations to visit in India and abroad. His videos will surely inspire you to take your traveling to the next level.

6. Suresh IDEA

Suresh IDEA is a travel and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber from India. He shares all his travel and life experiences through his YouTube channel “Hopping Bug”. He combines his love for photography with his love for traveling and has a unique style of capturing his experiences on camera. His videos often feature street photography, which is a great way to interact with locals and show off your skills as a photographer.

He started his career in the field of digital marketing and is currently working as a full-time traveler. His channel is filled with exciting videos about his adventures and experiences abroad. He also shares tips about travelling and how to save money on travel. His videos are a must-watch for any traveler! From DIY city guides to vlogs on food, he has something for everyone. He is definitely one of the best Indian travel bloggers in the world!

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