For an outdoor party that will appeal to boys this age, plan a Ninja theme. Dress everyone in ninja outfits and set up a homemade obstacle course that kids can run through.

Kids will love egg-spoon races. You can use boiled eggs that are easy to hold and mark a winning line with a marker or tape.

Keepy Uppy

At this age, kids want to feel independent and like they are more mature. A sleepover gives them that opportunity and is a great way to entertain themselves. They might stay up late, watch movies or play games. If you don’t have enough space at home, many communities and even private pools will work with you to host your party.

An afternoon at an adventure park is another great outdoor party idea. It’s a great way to get a workout while hanging out with friends. Girls with a daring streak will love it.

You can also set up an outdoor obstacle course in your yard or a local park with items you might already have around the house. This can include brooms, buckets, rope, pillows and pool noodles. Make sure you have a hose nearby so you can hose down the mess if needed.

Capture the Flag

This is a classic outdoor game that’s ideal for a group of kids. It’s often a favorite at summer day camps and sleepaway camp. It requires a large play area with lots of obstacles and places to hide flags. The goal is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back without getting tagged. It’s a great way to practice cooperation and teamwork.

An outdoor obstacle course is another classic party activity that can be easily done with simple backyard items. Use brooms, buckets, rope, pillows, pool noodles or even the kids’ own bodies to build an obstacle course that will challenge each child’s balance and physical abilities.

A slip n’ slide is a fun 11th birthday party idea for both boys and girls, especially when there’s an element of competition involved. Use a tape measure to record the highest jump to determine who’s the winner. If you want to make the event more memorable, book a private venue on Peerspace that offers carnival booths fully equipped with all the necessities.

Balloon Stomp

After you’ve invited your child’s friends, chosen the food and decorations and prepared for cake time it’s time to think about some outdoor party games. These don’t have to be expensive and are a great way to get kids outside.

A fun and easy game that works well in large groups is balloon stomp. Blow up lots of balloons and tie one to each child’s ankle. On ’go’ they have to stomp on other children’s balloons to pop them while trying to protect their own from getting popped. The last kid with a balloon still intact wins.

Alternatively fill lots of buckets with water and create a water balloon battleground. Add obstacles like a belly crawl or tunnel craw through an obstacle course that you can build yourself from yarn or yard string, pool noodles and wooden stakes that can be pounded into the ground.

Kids can’t help but love this classic. Give each child a piece of paper and some paint, then let them draw on the outdoors. It’s a great way to burn off some energy and they’ll get to take home their masterpiece as a memento of the party.

Water Blob

Kids will love this simple yet fun game. Line the kids up, give each child a spoon and an egg. They must race to the end of the line, balancing their egg on the spoon. The first one to reach the end wins. This is best done outdoors where the wind won’t blow their egg away!

This is a great outdoor party idea for when you can’t have a pool. Set up a water table and fill it with water toys. Kids will spend hours playing with this fun and interactive activity!

Another fun outdoor birthday party idea for 11 year olds is a backyard campout. Make sure everyone has a sleeping bag and tent, and have them all meet in the backyard to have a sleepover. You can even put up a screen and project a movie for the kids to watch!

You can also do a backyard movie theater outside at night. You can buy a large white blackout sheet or a formal nylon projection screen to use for this. Then, queue up the snacks, turn out the lights and watch the magic happen!

Ice Skating/Sledding

Ice skating is a fun winter activity for kids that isn’t too strenuous. If your party falls on a day when ice skating is open at a local rink make reservations so the kids can skate for part of the party. Make sure to include hand mittens in the party favor bag as well as fuzzy socks. If the rink is too cold to skate, hold your party outside and let the kids go sledding for part of the event. Decorate for a North Pole theme complete with play sled dogs, Eskimos, polar bears, and of course Santa’s elves.

If it’s a warm enough winter party you could also have the kids paint in the snow. Provide some paper, different colors of watercolour paint and sparkling fruit juice or fancy soda and let the kids express their creative side in the great outdoors. The kids will have fun and you won’t have to worry about messing up your house. You can even have them paint the trees, flowers or grass in their backyard for a unique art project.

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