Whether you’re looking to keep up with consumer tech — from the mundane to outlandish — level up your software skills or learn a new hack, these YouTube channels can help.

From smartphones to laptops, Linus Tech Tips covers the latest gadgets with reviews and comparisons. His witty approach to reviewing technology paired with his passion for the industry makes his channel a must-watch.


Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, is a tech YouTuber who’s famous for his gadget-focused videos. He’s a 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 alum, and his channel has over 19 million subscribers. He also hosts a podcast called Waveform and has an extensive line of merch.

In his most recent video, MKBHD announced the winners of this year’s Smartphone Awards. While iPhones won in several categories, Android devices took the lead in others. In the “Best Big Phone” category, MKBHD chose the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for its large display and stylus, 5,000 mAh battery, headphone jack, and flagship software experience. He also praised the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 for its unique foldable design.

MKBHD has multiple streams of income, and he’s been able to sustain his popularity over the years. He’s a great example of how a tech creator can grow to be successful online. Listen in to hear more about his story and how he’s managed to build an impressive following. Plus, you’ll learn how he and his team are monetizing their success.

2. TechMeOut

Having started out as an attempt to jailbreak her phone, the TechMeOut channel has evolved into a comprehensive resource for everything technology. She covers a wide range of topics including tech tips, apps, and smart home gadgets with an easy-to-understand format.

Estafannie’s videos have a fun and quirky feel, but her expertise is evident in her clear and engaging content. As a computer science graduate, she knows how to break down complex topics into user-friendly content, from coding courses to DIY electronics. Her content focuses on breaking stereotypes around women in STEM and helping tech lovers become more savvy with the latest technology.

She recently shared a video about her favorite items in her tech bag, which is a great way to promote products to readers without overwhelming them. Plus, she includes affiliate links in her videos, which means she can earn money from the sales she drives.

3. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Sebastian is a Canadian YouTuber who specializes in technology and gaming. He has a large audience, and his videos are informative, funny, and helpful. His main channel, Linus Tech Tips, features gaming PC builds, product reviews, and other informative content. It also has spinoff channels, including Techquickie and Techlinked.

Techquickie is a channel that offers quick lessons on various technology topics. It is similar to Linus Tech Tips, but is geared toward the general public. Techlinked is a tech news channel that features uploads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (ish).

In March 2023, the Linus Tech Tips channel was hacked by a Tesla scammer, who renamed the channel to ‘LinusTechTipsTemp’ and changed the handle to @temporaryhandle. The channel was restored later, and Linus explained the situation in a video. The incident was a reminder of the need to keep your accounts secure and take measures against hackers. Linus also revealed that he turned down a substantial offer to sell the company, as financial gain was not his driving force. The move is expected to allow him more time for his personal projects.

4. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is a popular channel that reviews tech gadgets. The channel has over 18 million subscribers. Lewis Hilsenteger is the mastermind behind this channel. He is an excitable and awe-struck guy who loves technology and gadgets. He puts new technology to the test to see how it works. He tries everything from a $4 smartphone to an instant drink chiller.

Lewis is a great tech reviewer because he doesn’t just open the box and read the manual. He also tests, examines, and toys with the product. This helps the viewer understand how the product works and if it’s worth the money.

Another thing that sets Unbox Therapy apart from other technology review channels is the quality of their videos. They use different camera angles and closeups to give the viewers more information about the products. They also add a music soundtrack to their videos, which makes them more engaging and enjoyable to watch. For those looking to start a tech review channel, Unbox Therapy is a good example of how to create high-quality content.

5. Sara Dietschy

The American Technology YouTuber and TikTok tech influencer Sara Dietschy has gained a wide following with her informative videos. Her YouTube channel features a mix of lifestyle vlogs, tutorials and tech reviews. Her content is both fun and professionally sound, making her a great source of information for both casual and professional creatives.

With over 900,000 subscribers on her self-titled channel, Sara creates and uploads docu-series and tech reviews. Her work explores the intersection of technology and creativity.

The New York City-based creator behind the Techmagnet channel is an authority in the technology space, focusing on in-depth reviews of smartphones, computers, gadgets, and other consumer electronics. His unbiased opinions provide viewers with comprehensive and reliable information that help them make informed tech purchase decisions. Techmagnet also regularly hosts discussion forums, where he shares his insights and expertise on various topics in the industry. These discussions can be particularly useful for tech novices and veterans alike. His videos are available on his website, YouTube and TikTok channels. He has also written a number of books on technology and video production.

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